Guide: Replacing a 2007-2013 Chevy Avalanche Wheel Bearing

by Max Johnston - Gearhead

If you’ve never replaced the wheel bearings in your 07-13 Chevy Avalanche, you could probably use some advice. After all, replacing your wheel bearings is an important part of maintaining your vehicle, but many owners don’t know how to do it alone. Luckily, we have years of experience producing and selling high-quality aftermarket wheel bearings for all kinds of vehicles, including the Chevy Avalanche—and we’re here to help you understand how to put these parts in your pickup when the need arises.

Replacing Your 2007-2013 Chevy Avalanche Wheel Bearing? This is the part you need!

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The guide below will tell you what tools you need to install a new wheel bearing and hub in your Chevrolet Avalanche—then show you the steps involved in completing the replacement. Ready to keep the wheels on your truck going ‘round and ‘round? Then read on.

Required Equipment

Before You Start

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel of your Chevy Avalanche with a lug wrench, then raise it up off the ground with a floor jack and mount it on a set of jack stands. Remove the lug nuts and then carefully remove the hubcap, setting it aside. You should now be able to see the ABS cable, brake callipers, rotors, and hub (containing the wheel bearing).

Step 1: Disconnect the ABS Cable

Locate the ABS sensor cable running from your hub into the body of your truck, and gently disconnect it. Tie it out of the way as you continue working.

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Step 2: Remove Brake Calliper

Use your wrench (set to 19mm) to remove the bolts holding the brake calliper in place.

Next, take off the calliper mount bracket, using an 18mm socket. You’ll find it under the rotor. Then, tie it up and out of the way of the rest of the hub.

Once you’ve removed these parts, make sure to clean the area around the wheel hub thoroughly. Dirt and grime can collect in these regions during regular use of your vehicle, and make their way into the bearings over time—affecting their performance and lifespan.

Step 3: Remove the Rotor

Use your T-27 Torx bit to take the screw out from the rotor so that it can be removed entirely. If it’s stuck, give it a few gentle taps with your wrench. However, be careful not to tap the rotor too vigorously, as this can damage it and make removal more difficult.

Turn the rotor with one hand while using the other to tap it gently with a hammer. Once you’ve tapped all the way around the rotor, it should be easy enough to pry off with your hands.

Mechanic removing brake rotor on 07-13 Chevy Avalanche

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Step 5: Remove the Hub Assembly

Use your wrench (set to 15mm) to loosen the three bolts on the back of the wheel hub for your Chevy Avalanche. Once you’ve loosened all three, remove the trans-axle nut (using a 36mm socket). Then remove the three bolts completely so the hub can be taken off—you may need to tap the inside of the hub gently with your hammer to coax it off.

Step 6: Install the New Hub & Bearing

Place the new hub in position, and ensure that the ABS cable is behind the notch in the dust cover. Next, place the three hub bolts back in position and retighten them.

Mechanic installing new hub in 07-13 Chevy Avalanche

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Step 7: Reconnect the ABS Sensor Cable

Once the new hub has been installed, put the ABS sensor back in place and reconnect it. There should be a notch where the ABS sensor cable rests easily.

Step 8: Replace the Trans-Axle Nut

Make sure the splines line up and mesh with the splines on the hub. Do not use an impact wrench for this process. Torque to approximately 177 ft-lbs unless stated otherwise in your Chevy Avalanche’s owner’s manual.

Step 9: Re-Mount the Brake Rotor

Reinstall the rotor, using a single lug nut to hold it in place as you reassemble the braking system.

Step 10: Re-Mount the Calliper

Replace the calliper bracket, using your torque wrench to tighten the bolts that hold it in place. Use brake grease to lubricate the ends of each pad, then install them. Install the rear pad first by pressing on one side and then the other. Do the same for the front pad.

When the brake pads have been replaced, put the brake callipers back in with a large C-clamp and tighten the bolts securing them.

Step 11: Remount the Wheel

Replace the wheel and tighten the lug nuts. Torque them to 140 lb-ft (unless otherwise noted in your owner’s manual). Then gently lower your truck back to ground level using your jack, and pump the brakes several times to ensure everything seems to be functioning. Take your truck for a short test drive after installing the new hub and bearing and listen for any noises that might indicate problems.

Video Walkthrough for Replacing Bearings on Chevy Avalanche

Need visual references to help you replace the wheel hub and bearing for your 07–13 Chevy Avalanche? Check out the video below: 

Investing in High-Quality Bearings & Hub Assemblies for Your Chevy Avalanche

Your Chevy Avalanche is a heavy, powerful vehicle—and it needs robust bearings that can handle its entire weight and absorb friction to keep the wheels turning smoothly. Order high-quality replacement wheel bearings for your 07–13 Chevy Avalanche, and learn about common signs of wheel bearing problems so you’ll know when to put the new ones in.