Guide: Replacing a 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Wheel Bearing

by Max Johnston - Gearhead


  • Replacing the wheel bearings and hubs in your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra every 85,000 to 100,000 miles makes operating your truck more comfortable, consistent, and safe. You can purchase aftermarket bearings and hubs with a guaranteed fit from 365HubsPro.
  • To install your new bearing, you’ll need to complete the following steps: raising your vehicle off the ground, removing the brakes, and removing the wheel knuckle. Then you’ll need to repeat these steps in reverse once the new bearing is in place.
  • You’ll need sockets, a wrench, a floor jack and jack stands, a pry bar, an impact gun, and a hammer—in addition to your replacement wheel bearing and hub. We’ve included detailed instructions on how to use these items, plus a video outlining the process.

The Toyota Tundra is a rugged pickup truck capable of impressive performance for many years, but you’ll need to replace its wheel bearings and hub assemblies periodically to keep it reliable. Save time and money by installing our high-quality aftermarket wheel bearings in your Toyota Tundra using the steps below.

Replacing Your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Wheel Bearing? This is the part you need!

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We designed our wheel bearings to make installation as simple and straightforward as possible. Below, you’ll find a list of everything you need to complete the job and a description of what you’ll need to do, plus visual references.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Tundra’s Wheel Bearings?

Wheel bearings handle the friction created by driving, which allows your wheels to keep turning at the correct rate as you steer, accelerate, or brake. This makes your truck safer while giving you more comfort and control.

When wheel bearings wear out, it can be inconvenient (and even dangerous in some cases)—so for best results, you’ll want to put in new ones every 85,000 to 100,00 miles. Below, we’ve listed what you need to do the job properly.

What You’ll Need to Change Out Your Bearings

Here’s what you’ll need to replace a wheel bearing on your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra:

Gloved hand pointing to raised wheel for Toyota TundraVia TRQ on YouTube.

Step 1: Lift Your Vehicle Off the Ground

As with most other vehicles, the first thing you’ll want to do is raise your pickup truck off the ground using jack stands. Once your Tundra is secured in the air, use your impact gun to remove the 5 lug nuts on your Tundra’s wheel and then take the entire wheel off.

Gloved hand pointing to mounting bolt for brake caliper on Toyota TundraVia TRQ on YouTube.

Step 2: Remove the Brakes

Your next step will be to remove the brake caliper. To do this, you’ll first need to remove the mounting bolt—then, move to the bracket itself and take off the two caliper bolts. Once you’ve done this, it should be simple enough to remove the caliper bracket by hand (although you can also use a pry bar if it seems a bit stuck in place).

Next, hang the caliper to the side so that it doesn’t put pressure on your ABS wire or flex hose. Since your ABS wire should now have some slack, it’s easy to remove the clip holding it in place and move that out of the way as well.

Once that’s done, remove the center cover over top of the axle nut. You can use a hammer and pry bar to do this, then use a set of pliers to take out the cotter pin holding the locking pin in place.

Use a 12 point socket to remove the axle nut itself. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to remove the brake rotor, exposing the wheel knuckle.

Wheel knuckle for Toyota TundraVia TRQ on YouTube.

Step 3: Remove the Wheel Knuckle

Use a wrench to loosen the mounting bolts holding your wheel knuckle in place. Once all the bolts are loose, tap the knuckle a few times with a hammer to help it come loose and remove it entirely.

Use a wire brush to clean the mating surface the new bearing will make contact with once installed. This is a good opportunity to clean the rear of the backing plate as well, if yours can be removed. There’s a seal on the inside of your wheel knuckle that you may also need to replace if it’s torn or worn out. If it’s not, proceed to the next step.

New wheel bearing on Toyota TundraVia TRQ on YouTube.

Step 4: Install the New Bearing & Hub Assembly

Slide the new bearing on and line up the bolts with the holes in the backing plate. Start each bolt, then torque them to 73 lb-ft. Put the rotor on and start a single lug nut to hold it in place.

Once the rotor is in place, you can take the caliper and slide it back on. Torque the caliper bolts to 79 lb-ft each. When you’ve done so, put the ABS wire back in place and reattach the clip.

Start the axle nut, then torque it to 249 lb-ft after you’ve bottomed it out. To prevent the entire rotor from spinning while torquing the axle nut, place your pry bar carefully across the studs in the wheel and brace it in place. Replace the lock and cotter pin afterwards, then put the cap back on over the axle nut.

Step 6: Put the Wheel Back On

Remove the lug nut you started earlier. Next, put the wheel back on. Finally, start each lug nut and then torque them in a criss-cross pattern to the specs in your owner’s manual (this will vary from about 85-150 lb-ft, depending on your Tundra’s model year). Congratulations—mission accomplished!

Video Walkthrough

Want a closer look at the process for replacing your Tundra’s wheel bearing? We’ve got you covered—check out this video we found that shows you each step in just a few minutes!

Rule the Road with New Bearings for Your 2007-2021 Tundra

Use what you’ve learned in this guide to make replacing the wheel bearing for your Toyota Tundra cost-effective and easy! To have specific questions about the process answered or get help buying the parts you need, contact our team and let an expert advise you.