Ford F-250 Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies

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Our wheel bearings are made specifically for their corresponding vehicle. When you order the part for your make and model, you get a product that fits—every time.

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Our products are manufactured in our own IATF16949 certified factories, and our warranty protects your purchase from any defects—giving you peace of mind for up to 1 year.

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Replacing wheel bearings on a Ford F250 costs approximately $290 on average, with $190 for parts and $100 for labour.
It's often recommended to replace the entire wheel bearing and hub assembly for a new, undamaged hub and a simplified replacement process.
The average cost of a wheel hub assembly replacement ranges between $400 and $520.
Signs of a bad wheel hub assembly include a roaring sound from the tires, vibrating steering wheel, play in the tire/wheel combo, and a clicking sound from the wheels.