Nissan Titan XD Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies

1 product

1 product

Dependent and dominant—that’s how Nissan describes the Titan XD, and that’s what this capable V8 pickup delivers. But to make sure your Titan XD keeps providing the power and performance you’ve come to expect from it, you’ll need high-quality replacement hubs and wheel bearings when it comes time to put in new ones.

Don’t worry; we’ve got the hubs and bearings your truck deserves. Our parts are made to higher standards, so they last longer and fit in your wheels quickly and easily. Get yours here.

We have wheel hub assemblies for most Titan XD model years. Please use our model year calculator to find the correct hub assembly for your car!

Our Nissan Titan XD wheel bearings are made to last longer and perform better.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • Precision machined in a TS-16949/ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility
  • Sealed with a cold forged lip design to reduce failure via over-torqued bearings
  • Made with OE-Design ABS rings to eliminate false ABS signals
  • Vibration-free hubs are machined to exact OE fit and function